Junior Squash Pros Come to Coast

With the recent end to the junior squash season at the Gibson’s Recreation Center, the Sunshine Coast Squash Association brought in two junior squash pros to assist with the program’s year end wrap up. Attending from Vancouver were Zachary Leman, Boys Under 15 Canadian Champion, and Morgan Latriemolle, presently ranked 18 overall in Canada for the Boys Under 19 age group.

The junior pros spent the first portion of the day providing coaching to the boys and girls participating in the local junior squash program. Following the coaching, the guests played both adults and juniors, providing an opportunity for local players to be challenged at a high level of competition. Concluding the day, the squash community gathered to watch the two national level players play a highly entertaining exhibition match. In the end, the two junior pros did not disappoint. With the match games tied at two games each, the final game required eight extra tie breaker points before Leman won game five 19-17 (games normally end at 11).

Overall, the excitement of the exhibition match appropriately ended a great junior squash year with the squash community coming together to enjoy another entertaining squash event.

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